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  • What is the Loan-to-value that you can finance against a property?
    Our max loan to vaule can go up to 80% LTV but much like the interest rate, it will vary depending on current market conditions, property type, property location, property use, size of the mortgage, and mortgage position.
  • What is the interest rate
    The interest rates will vary depending on different factors. Such factors include: property type, property location, loan to value, mortgage rank, market conditions and the applicant details. Contact me so I can assess your request without a credit check.
  • What are my options at the end of the term?
    As your maturity date approaches and if you have no plans to sell the property, you essentially have the following options: 1. Renewal: Typically available if all payments have been made as agreed, the property is in satisfactory condition, and property/personal taxes are up to date. Subject to approval from the lender. 2. Refinance with a new private lender: Subject to approval (I can assist you with this). 3. Refinance with a non-private lender: Subject to approval (I can refer you to suitable options).
  • What are the prepayment penalties?
    Prepayment penalties differ based on the deal type and purpose, but the typical industry standard for a closed mortgage is either a 3-month interest payment or a fixed percentage of the original registered principal amount. Some options also include open or partially open terms.
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